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28 - 30 August 2021

Organized by Hackathon and Coding Club


What is Hackatron?

Hackatron is a 36 hours Hackathon and an attempt made by the Hackathon and Coding Club of BIT Sindri to bring out the developer inside you. Hackatron provides a platform to showcase your skills and stand out from the crowd. We believe that given proper resources, anything is possible. The raison d'être of Hackatron is to introduce students to the open-source community and its benefits. In Hackatron, participants are encouraged to brainstorming problems and collaborate to design and develop unique solutions to real-world problems. We believe that people with passion can change the world for the better and that the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do. So, it is a call for all the geeks out there. Come, and be a part of this event, and make a dent in this universe. All you have to do is to DESIGN, DEBUG, and DEPLOY.



Meet Doge. He is a hacker. He is spirited and bold. Oh, Wait! Don't think of him as some ordinary dog. He learns technical stuff by hacking i.e. exploring and learning on the go. He doesn't lose his confidence whenever any problem arrives. All he does is hacking to get to the problem. Be like Doge. He will help you throughout the Hackatron. In case you stumble upon any problem, Ask Doge anything without any hesitance.


15th October

15th October-22nd October 2021 Registration and Idea Submission Period Register through Dare2Compete link

23nd October

Teams for grand finale announced Teams will be notified by email / website and will have to confirm the presence , the details will be mentioned in the email.

25th October

Confirmation by shortlisted teams for grand finale Shortlisted teams need to confirm their participation in the grand finale through email

29th October 9:00 PM

Hackathon Ends

30th October 10:00 AM

Hackers are judged and this hackathon ends with prize ceremony.

Problem Tracks

Open Innovation and Space Tech

Quality Healthcare

Develop a solution for obtaining quality healthcare across all strata of society.

Inventory Management System for The College

To fulfill the needs of Staffs, IT Admin, Management.

Student Management System for the College

Software designed to automate college diverse operations.

Rural Exposure

Device a solution to solve multidimensional problems faced by the rural people who do not live in concentrated masses.

Smart City

The solutions to a Smart City project include city improvement , city renewal and city extension using technology.

Efficient Roadways

To improve the situation of roadways, traffic and crowd management.

Crime against Women

Design and implement a solution to tackle these type of crimes in all the areas.

Open Innovation

Design and Deploy a solution to the day to day problems faced by people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Any student pursuing any course can come and enhance their development journey.

Are there any registration charges?

No, Registrations are completely free of cost.

This is my first time. Should I apply or not?

Believe us! Hackatron is the best place to start your development journey and give a boost to your development portfolio.

What are the constraints in the team size?

A team can have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 5 members.

Can a college have multiple teams?

Yes. There is no restriction on the number of teams from a college.

Can the participants of a team be from different colleges?

Yes. A team can have members from different colleges.

What will I need?

Fully charged laptop, good wifi connection, comfortable and safe place to work, working webcam, microphone and speaker on computer.

Where can I find complete details of the event?

You are requested to go through the rulebook and the code of conduct to get the complete details of the event.

How are the winners selected?

There will be an independent Jury selecting the winners with a rating system: Implementability, financial benefits, presentation skills, creativity.

Do we get any certificate for participation?

Yes, all successful submissions will get a certificate of participation.

How will an online hackathon work?

It will be very similar to any normal hackathon, with a few exceptions of course. Almost everything will be done via the internet. We still provide all the resources you may require - support, mentoring, guidance, etc. We have also made this hackathon longer than typical (36 hours) due to the difficulties and challenges working over the internet may cause.

Can I prepare my solution before the hackathon begins?

No, you cannot work on your project before the hackathon, but you can however learn technologies that you are going to use, and at the hackathon, you can merge all technologies/tech-stacks just like lego blocks.